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Biodiesel Extraction Plant

We Manufacture Bio-Diesel Plant Machinery for every Edible /Non Edible Oil .We have Bio-Diesel Plant starting from 500 litre/day to any Capacity ,Transesterification Plant consists of Catalyst Mixture, Reaction Tank, Settling Tanks and Methanol Recovery and Washing System.

The product obtained by trans-esterification of any vegetable oil is said to be bio diesel. Biodiesel is defined as the mono alkyl esters of long chain fatty acids derived from renewable lipid sources. Biodiesel is typically produced through the reaction of a vegetable oil or animal fat with methanol in the presence of a catalyst to yield glycerine and biodiesel (chemically called methyl esters).

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel, which can be used in neat form, or blended with petroleum diesel for use in compression ignition (diesel) engines. Its physical and chemical properties as it relates to operation of diesel engines are similar to petroleum based diesel fuel.

We possess an unmatched expertise in offering highly advanced and innovative trans-esterification unit to our clients. These units find diverse applications in the agro industries related to the processing and extraction of bio-diesel. These units efficiently produce high outputs of bio-diesel used in the commercial market as an automobile fuel. All the processes of these machines are highly sophisticated and PLC BASED control. The by-products left over by this unit after the extraction of pure diesel like glycerol is also marketable. We can offer these units in various capacities as per the specified requirements of our clients

Bio Diesel Benefits: Greatest reduction in emission.

  • Higher lubricity.
  • Biodegradable- 95% degradation in 28 days, where as diesel fuel degrades 40% in 28 days.
  • Non-toxicity.
  • Decreased Global warming.
  • Positive impact on agriculture
  • Diesel substitute from renewable sources
  • Bio diesel almost similar in properties to diesel fuel
  • Eco friendly fuel
  • Less sulphur content
  • Used in diesel engine without major engine modifications

Reduction in exhaust gas emissions as compared to diesel fuel

The biodiesel can be manufactured from Crude Palm Oil. The other oil sources are all the non edible oils, a few of them are Jatropha oil, Neem Oil, Karanja Oil, Mahua Oil, etc. Also used frying (cooking) oils can be used for bio diesel production.

Specialty of SHREEJI’s Bio diesel plants and their integration:
A. Flexibility to use any type of vegetable oil (edible grade and non edible grade) .
B. Flexibility to use any grade of vegetable oil And usage of used cooking oil.
C. Value addition: Manufacturing of value added products that will enhance the viability of the project. This technology is available only with SHREEJI.

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