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Features of a reliable and energy efficient oil expeller

Multi-functional oil expellers press different types of oil seed for example – peanuts, sesame, canola seed, camellia, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. In addition of extracting oil, cake developed from the dried seeds is another commercial product. A reliable oil mill ensures a higher quality of final product.
Oil milling industry cultivates the oil producing harvest. The process of oil extraction begins with the purchase of oil seeds. High quality seeds are chosen that are stored in a dry and aerated store to maintain seed quality.

The mechanical processes used basically include pressing grains, flowers or fruits through worm screwed presses that compress the materials. It gives a great way to press the specific vegetable plants and seeds containing high oil content.

Oil seeds bought from farms contain unnecessary contaminants such as soil, leaves, wooden twigs etc that should be cleared before seed processing otherwise they will get mixed with oil. Different cleaning methods are used depending on the type and magnitude of contaminants. Common cleaning methods are stationary seed cleaning, vibratory cleaning, rotation seed cleaning and brushing.

Structure of Oil expeller

When the seeds are ready for expelling, quality oil expellers are used that comprise of a horizontal shaft mounted with multiple worms. An expeller machine has a feeder joined to the worm screw, an axle is driven by a gear motor. A part of the worm screw exit is included an oil expeller. The key feature of this machine is it is made in one unit and has openings on the wall on the tube length as well as cavities in the tube.

Seeds are squeezed under pressure to release oil. The released oil flows through various perforations. The remaining seed cake comes out through opening zone. A good quality expeller machine squeezes the most of the seed releasing the oil, and hence leaving nominal magnitude of remainders for cake.

Features of oil expellers
• Compact design with superior components needs nominal maintenance
• Easy to use
• High quality and reliable structure
• High oil yield ability and automatic operation
• Economical price and high efficiency

Benefits of Oil expeller machine
• Commonly used for pressing different oil seeds. The oil expeller is also used for medium and large sale cooking mills and units
• Professionally designed expeller machinery speeds up the breaking and pressing of oil seeds
• Cake produced after pressing has low oil content. Good quality cake production for reuse
• Lowers labor cost and energy use.

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