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Parts of an Oil Pressing Plant

There are expeller machines that use proper technology. Machinery selection is as per the specific needs of customers. The needs are often engineered as per the operating region. In the section of oil mining the companies are made to select the expellers as well as the cleaning equipment as per needs and market so that the complete plan can be designed. These manufacturers make sure that the refining companies get best quality of cake and oil. A very efficient expeller model has been discussed in great detail below.


The expeller industries with their top quality Oil press Machinery, like (15TPD) VIRAAT-SE-II is are top suppliers and manufacturers of machinery of oil extraction. These companies supply components to plants of oil refinery, production houses of bio-diesel plants and oil mills. Therefore, this has served the international as well as local markets commercially as well as efficiently.

The features

The Screw Oil Press Machine has the most improved design along with all-steel fabrication for perfect stability as well as alignment. All its parts are discussed below.


There is a steam kettle with adequate capacity of 48 inch diameters, three steam jackets that are high and have been fitted with meal inlets self-controlled. These prevent the overflow with spray arrangement of open steam, steam valves, steam trap, steam-pressure gauge, safety- valve and spray arrangement of open steam. Kettle requires 120/100 lbs of steam processing each hour at 60 lbs of pressure/inch.

Cake discharge and oil conveyor

AnOil Pressing Plant has cake discharge and oil conveyor fitted along it, having left as well as right hand flights for delivering oil and cake to the central points. Drive is usually from the major Gear box. The power of such an oil expeller is 30 HP whereas the cooker is 5HP.


Feed from the expeller is under control automatically along with meal or seed whenever they enter expeller, given the preliminary compression by small crammer-shaft. This crammer-shaft is also automatically tensioned that stops whenever there is excessive feed. It starts on its own again, when Expeller has been absorbed by expeller.

Cake at the discharge

A hand wheel that is manually operated controls thickness of the cake which is simple that gear of the choke is completely free of main drive. Also, there is hardly any possibility for sudden load getting placed on the motor of the expeller.

Pressure cone and withdrawal of the shaft

Vital parts of an expeller have to be the pressure cone as well as withdrawal shaft. Main shaft worm can easily be withdrawn without gear section getting disturbed easily in any manner. Spacing collars and pressure worms can get changed without having the shaft disturbed. Pressure worm’s thrust is taken on a bearing of larger thrust. On the other hand, cake’s final pressure is controlled positively by hard-faced pressure cone.

Steel-casted chambers and 44 inch vertical hinged pressing box

The casted steel chambers reduce labor and time for the relining of the cage bars whereas the pressing box entirely eliminates the complicated task of box removal for replacing and relining the worms. This saves both labor and time.

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