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Oil Expeller / Oil Screw Press Viraat-160 (16TPD)

Viraat-160-BFeatures :

  • Vertical Hinged Chambers : Pressing Box eliminates
    the difficult task of removing box for replacement of worms.
  • Chambers : Reduces time and labour for relining of Cage Bars.
  • The main Shaft of the Expeller is of alloy steel construction, fitted with High
    Pressure Worms, hard faced, with a highly wear resistant alloy.
  • Shaft Withdrawal : The main Worm Shaft can be withdrawn easily without
    disturbing the gear section. The thrust of the pressure worms is taken upon large
    spherical roller thrust bearings.
  • Gear Box & Lubrication : Triple helical gear unit made from most suitable
    special steel, running in oil bath. All shafts run on antifriction bearings. Drive
    housing is oil tight and dust proof, totally enclosed design and is fitted with level
    indicator. Aself contained lubrication arrangement has been provided.
  • Kettle / Cooker : Multistage vertical stack cooker for proper conditioning of the
  • Lower Operation and Maintenance Cost : Due to sturdy construction and
    stringent quality norms our machines work with higher efficiency and incur lower
    maintenance costs.
  • Premium expelled Oil Quality : Well designed worm assembly and chamber
    construction ensures superior quality of expelled oil.
  • Superior Quality of Cake : The cake quality is excellent and cake produced from
    the machine is of natural colour without charring or burning effect .
  • Power:The power required is 3-Phase 50 H.P. Motor.

Capacity :
The crushing capacity is 15 to 16 Tons per 24 hours

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