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Cattle Feed Manufacturing Plant

Shreeji Offers Complete Cattle Feed Manufacturing from Disintegrating to Mixing up to Palletizing for the easy eats for the Cattles. These plants in very much demand to mix the various ingredients and make the proper feed for the cattle feed industry

Hammer Mills are mainly used to disintegrate the
product to a desired size ensuring proper pelletizing or for the mixing to made the Cattle feed.


Mixture Machine is Used to Mix the different ingredients of the cattle feeds in a batch.

  • It has a strong body with built in reduction Gear box .
  • Easy to Opearte and Maintain
  • Feeding System is manual and ensures even mixing of different ingredients of Cattle feed Plant

Hopper ensures the Easy travelling of material to mixture and also the storage for materials for the next Batch. It is sturdy in Construction and easy to maintain.

This Machine is Used to make pellets of the Cattle feed according to the desired size which are easy to eat for the Cattles and also easy to feed and to take care of Quantiy.

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Precise Operation
  • Easy to operate
  • High quality materials

Pellet Cooler is used to cool down the Cattle feed pellets storage able and packing able temperature by cooling it down evenly and in less time.

Sturdy Construction.

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