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Seed Cracking Machine

These Rolls are used for cracking of oilseeds, press cake and other soft to medium hard products. The machine is suitable for cracking almost all the seed. Widely used in de hulling operation in many processing plant. The machine is equipped with micro adjustment system on Rolls for adjusting the gaps between two rolls. Nylon brushes are provided for cleaning the surface of Rolls. Feeder provided on the top of machines for smooth spreading of seed on Rolls. Fitted with a pair of Chilled Cast Iron Roll.

Model Capacity / 24hrs H/P Power
HM -1 500 Kgs 5 / 7.5 HP
HM-1 1000 Kgs 20 HP
HM-2 2000 Kgs 40 HP
HM-3 3000 Kgs 50 HP
HM-5 5000 Kgs 75 HP
HM-8 8000 Kgs 100 / 125 HP

Copra Cutter
Material: Mild Steel Fabricated
Capacity: 10 – 50 Tons per 24 Hours (Capacity differs with material density & quantity of oil in it.) It is used in Cutting Larger Copra Pieces into smaller pieces.

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